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Leaderboard is a Sporting Equals initiative designed to generate wider senior BAME involvement and leadership development. The seleaderboard platform will help promote opportunities and align the wealth of untapped talent from the BAME communities that has previously been, or felt, excluded from the core governance structures of the sports they love. We believe that programmes like this one will provide the opportunity for a long-term solution to increasing diversity in sport that can only be achieved through the recruitment of suitable BAME individuals into future decision-making roles.

Sporting Equals has set up the first National Steering Group with representation from key bodies to help drive this agenda forward.  The Steering Group will support interventions including co-options, shadowing, training, mentoring, advisory roles alongside using the seleaderboard interface to help promote vacancies, developing a database of candidates and empowering individuals.  Alongside this Sporting Equals will undertake its annual audit looking at the profile of National Governing Bodies (NGBs) in sports leadership and the latest state of play is represented in the 2015 Leaderboard Infographic.


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"Diversity isn't just a good business value, it's good business."
Robert E Diamond Junior, President of Barclays plc


SE Leaderboard is a Sporting Equals initiative.  To find out more about the work of Sporting Equals visit our main website at

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